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        Shandong SNTON Steel Cord Co., Ltd, founded in October 2003, is engaged in the production of steel cord for radial tire, and steel rod and wire used by ethnic minority friends. Since its establishment, the company has taken excellence, quality, credit and service as its fundamental principle, contribution, harmony and innovation as its culture, and constant perfection and leading position in the industry as its objective, so as to provide customers with quality products and service. It has obtained ISO9001、ISO14001、OHS18001、TS16949 management system certification standards, and is a high-tech enterprise in Shandong Province. The company has been granted domestic steel cord industry's only "China Suppliers ", "Chinese enterprises " and " Business Model of China Credit Enterprise certification system" by the relevant ministries.

        Steel cord manufacturing company using advanced production technology and sophisticated technical equipment for the production of high quality steel cord products provide a strong guarantee and sales network throughout the country, but with major tire manufacturers to establish a long-term stable cooperative relations; And its excellent quality and service, to enter the international market, the products are exported to Germany, Thailand, Czech Republic, Russia, Iran, India and other countries and regions.
        Centering on the production of steel cord, SNTON Steel Cord Co., Ltd is committed to high quality and constant growth, and to becoming an excellent enterprise with strong comprehensive strength through self-innovation and credibility.


Development of the Steel Cord Industry________________________________________________________________
        ★In October 2003, Shandong SNTON Steel Cord Co., Ltd was founded.
        ★In October 2004, the SNTON 50,000-ton/year steel cord project was put into operation.
        ★In October 2005, the company acquired ISO9001、14001、OHS18001 comprehensive management system certificates.
        ★In March 2008, the 15,000 ton/year steel cord for engineering tire project was put into operation, filling a national blank.
        ★In November 2008, the 65,000 ton/year steel cord project was put into operation in No.1 factory.
        ★In October 2008, the 125,000 ton/year steel cord project started construction in No. 2 factory, and went into operation in December 2009.
        ★In August 2009, the 150,000 ton/year steel cord project started construction in No. 3 factory.
        ★In September 2009, the 60,000 ton/year bead steel wire project in No. 4 factory was planned.
        ★In 2010, the company’s overall annual production capacity of steel cord amounted to 155,000 tons.
        ★In 2011, the total production capacity reached 250,000 tons, of which 190,000 tons is steel cord, and 60,000 tons is bead steel wire.
        ★In 2013, the total production capacity will reach 400,000 tons, 340,000 tons of which is steel cord, and 60,000 tons is bead steel wire.


Steel Cord_____________________________________________________________________________

        Among rubber framework materials, steel cord enjoys the broadest development potential, and it is also the most difficult metal material to produce. The International Synthetic Fiber Standardization Bureau explains in its definition of steel cord as this: it is a structure formed by two or more than two strings of steel wire, or formed by strands or strings and strands. Steel cord is thin steel wire string or strand with special purpose, and is formed by quality high-carbon steel plated with brass. It is mainly used for sedan tires, light truck tires, heavy truck tires, engineering and mechanical truck tires, airplane tires and other rubber framework materials. Radial tire with steel cord as intensifying material has the advantages of long service life, high speed, high puncture resistance and good resilience, and it is also very safe and comfortable and also saves fuel.






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